Where is the best place to shop online for perfumes?

I was thinking about getting some fragrances off perfume.com but I'm not sure because their prices are so low and not sure if they are authentic……anyone have any suggestions for HONEST websites?? Thanks

i have used sephor and macys

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  1. i have used sephor and macys
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  2. DON'T SHOP FOR THEM ONLINE. you need to try on the perfume and let it sink into your skin to really know what it'll feel like on you. go to nordstrom's or something.
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  4. hollisterco.com
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  5. Sephora

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  6. ok if you to see how other people response to certain perfums it's
    http://www.sephora.com but if you want it for a good price and have protection when you buy it it's sounds crazy but go ebay! can get good deals for an great price, just make sure you know exactly what you want.
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