KING Exceptional Cologne!

KING Exceptional Cologne Spray TV Commercial bedroom scene!

“Because you know what I want, you are my KING…”

Check out for designer quality fragrances, NOT designer prices!

Duration : 0:0:16

[youtube gZtGEhIKHL8]

  1. What is the name of …
    What is the name of the song that’s playing? The guys are so hot ;)

  2. What is the song …
    What is the song that is playing? I like it!

  3. SurpriseCreator

    the lady is naked!
    the lady is naked!

  4. What is the song …
    What is the song that plays?

  5. salsthebestinthewest

    what is that guys …
    what is that guys name?

  6. This series of …
    This series of commercials has sent the feminist movement back about 30 years… These commercials are hilarious – post on!

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