Michael Jackson P.Y.T Fragrance for women

mjackson300 project video, my project,p.y.t pretty young thing

Duration : 0:2:0

[youtube f7b937-IP6A]

  1. lol we used the …
    lol we used the same perfume bottle pic!
    you have good taste lol. good commercial

  2. ILoveMichaelJ4Life

    LOVE THE VIDEO!!! thanx for posting!

  3. thanks to all!
    thanks to all!

  4. Oooooooh lovely
    Oooooooh lovely

  5. Very beautiful …
    Very beautiful video:)

  6. WONDERFUL!!!!!!

  7. awesome vidéo….

    awesome vidéo….

  8. :LOL: CUTE :)
    I …

    :LOL: CUTE :)
    I want to smell you :)

  9. awsome video

    awsome video
    thanks for posting and for
    being a part of the project

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