Usher Fragrance – For Men & Women

Usher Fragrance – For Men & Women

Duration : 0:1:5

[youtube AZukEctcGSI]

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  1. you can get the …
    you can get the ring off the lid by busting the inner plastic cover. the rings comes right out.

  2. Yes you can get the …
    Yes you can get the ring off the lid, I’m wearing it right now. you just have to bust the plastic interior of the lid, and the ring comes right off. It’s cool.

  3. “touch”

  4. damnn i bought tha …
    n i bought tha cologne thinkin i could get tha ring off tha lid but i caint lol oh well that smells good

  5. Usher – Touch ! ( …
    Usher – Touch ! (NEW SONG)
    thats the song

  6. the ring is on the …
    the ring is on the cap of the fragrence bottle
    what song is this!?


    Love the song! It’s …
    Love the song! It’s so hott!

  8. imthinkingofanumber

    hmm where can u get …
    hmm where can u get the ring ?

  9. Yeah , it smells …
    Yeah , it smells awful. Good luck with it.

  10. oh ive just found …
    oh ive just found out the song is Touch by Usher :D

  11. what is this song …
    what is this song called?..xX

  12. can someone tel me …
    can someone tel me the song please

  13. ive got the womens …
    ive got the womens one…….smells unreall


  14. i dunno where to …
    i dunno where to buy it


    if u buy the fragrance… the lid is like he ring…bu u cnt wear it..

    its fitt tho x

  15. 1DonProductions

    anyone know where …
    anyone know where to get that ring?

  16. hanibalthecanibal

    cool, thanks =D
    cool, thanks =D

  17. oliviacelticghirl2


  18. hanibalthecanibal

    anyone know what …
    anyone know what the music is?

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